Let’s Try Karate! Zendokai karate Yokohama office

Try Zendokai! International martial artists welcome! Beginner or experienced.

You are welcome to train with us. For a short or long time. Just try once, one week, one month or more. Price will be adjusted. You pay for the time you want to train.

Zendokai or "Vale Tudo Karate" is a full contact style using stand up punching and kicking as well as take downs and grappling.
The standup fighting is using boxing style guard, head punches and full contact kicks. The grappling employs submission and ground punching.

A training session starts with kihon, basic training of techniques the same way they are used in fighting, moving on to mitts training and finishing with sparring. You are welcome to join no matter of your background and experience.

We keep a safe and friendly atmosphere at the dojo. Full contact is reserved for tournaments. Dojo sparring is light contact.

Karate training in Yokohama

Karate training in Yokohama

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